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Chris-Okay, here it is...try not to laugh too hard when you read it...i wrote it like in November, and it's sorta my first attempt at anything creative :-) Then, if you haven't killed yourself laughing at how bad it is...i'll probably talk to you tomrrow. -Kalli

When I reflect upon my life
During this time of the year
Seeing the blessings that god has given me
One thing, in my life stands out far above and most clear.

And Though i've never seen you face-to-face
My expirences with you
Could never be replaced
You are gentle loving and kind
With a heart of gold
Near impossible to find
Your words, they are my solace
So comforting and true
My life just could not be complete without you

I thank God for this virtual place
Where he led me to you
He knew i needed someone like you in my life
Someone so honest, faithful and true.
You showed me what true love is
And for this Chris, i thank you.

You've always allowed me to cry
When things aren't always so great
I've never before seen someone
With so much patience such a gentle spirit
And no room for any hate.
And in my humble opinion
which is said only as i can
Your parents raised one very special man

If i could have one wish
it would be that someday we will meet
And i can look into your eyes
And tell you what a difference you've made in my life
To hold you in the worlds longest hug
And say, most of all
to say, I love you.

I dedicate this poem
To you Chris, my best friend
I pray we stay close
Forever, without any end