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#Praises_Place Top Ten Lists

Under contruction...please check back often  (Last update April 9, 1998)

This page is collaberative effort on part of the sop's in #praises_place, an IRC channel on Dalnet.  Please do not take offense if your name shows up on one of these lists. This page is for entertainment purposes only. In other words, it's a joke. Get over it!


Top Ten Worst  #Christian_singles ops

10.  Hynato *Who is he anyway?*

  9.  PainterofStories *must be rough getting ops a week after you start going to a channel*

  8.  Shannon` *PainterofStories sister who got ops because she used the same ip*

  7.  Tara-Lee *showed up one day and got ops, go figure*

  6.  Miss Emily..aka...Channels *is this person ever "really" there? Seems it's just a bot 24/7

  5.  Proverbs_31 *got ops because daddy helped start the channel*

  4.  DiveCon *talk about the most annoying away message of all time. Is marrying dusty...need i say more?*

  3. Tomahawk *the model of the male ego at it's worst*

  2. Spiritfire *one of the most rudest, nastiest, and all around mean people in power i've ever met*

  1.  Dusty *need i say more?*

Top Ten Lamers

10. Abminadab....the guy who thought woman ops weren't biblical cause they couldn't be in a postion of power over men.

9. Manx-Cat...need i say more??????

8. Noel...techie's favorite follower and our favorite to tease him about

7. doug...what can we say about doug that hasn't already been said?????

6. markw....the Christian_fellowship op who thought he needed to deop all cause we didn't go to cf enough

5. LC...let's face it..LC is one weird minute she's stable, next minute, she's a hollerin and a screamin....tends to have many boyfriends at the same time.

4. Gingerbread....the lamer from Canada who is Praises' best friend now that she's in MI

3. Peechy...ahhhh peechy...who could forget her...the girl who thought she was a woman...dated and flirted with everyone in sight..was in love with our techie, till ol latonya showed up and stole him away...well peechy..there's always dilbert`

2. Ken` i want to write a novel? i think not...i think we all know why he's a lamer.

1. Don_Q.....our favorite lamer from Puerto Rico!!!!!!!!

Top Ten Dalnet Flirts

10.  Wraider...interested in riding apparell and cybersex.  Get a clue!!!
Is also  from Ohio. That alone should say enough.

9.  Missgeratol...a bimbo that has screw loose..tried messing with our Techie's head (like there was alot to mess with) as well as Thinny's.

8.  Nickoleen....what can we say about Nick that hasn't been said?  She's in and out of a channel when she see's that Tech isn't there.

7.  Noel......What can we say that hasn't already been said? See lamer list!

6.  Rubberfrog.....He's so predatory, he makes Bill Clinton look normal!!

5.  Manx-kat....only has female ops..You tell what's wrong w/this picture?????

4.  doug__.....Has it bad for anything in a skirt..had a major crush on Talnsassy..he was banned from CS for putting ops on ignore..I believe all of the ops in #praises_place were on ignore at one time or anthother....doesn't like u giving him wedgies either because no one touches his underwear. It's IRC for goodness sake!!!! Get a clue!!!

3  .peechy..the little girl that was in love w/every guy on irc.  She was a female version of rubberfrog.  For more info, see the lamer list.

2. arica..a person that msged our friend mattm, but he blew her off...the matt Techie msged her to see if we could get a laugh out of, if poor tech don't come on incognito, she asks what he feels about nudity, etc...'nuff said.

1.  CoolKat.....a first class loser from Michigan..the same state our Praise is from (says alot doesn't it?).  He's been known to msg alleged females and asking them about "arousal".  Praise met him in person....What can we make of this?

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